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Pro-Fab 25th year

Reasons to choose Pro-Fab

5 good reasons to choose Pro-Fab

1.A solid reputation as a leading factory home builder for more than 25 years

Pro-Fab solid reputation is anchored in the pleasant daily lives of thousands of proud homeowners all across Ontario, Quebec and the United States.

We have been in business since 1991, offering quality modular homes to thousands of happy and satisfied customers throughout the years.

We rely on the expertise, professionalism and dedication of our employees to create for our customers beautiful, solid and reliable turnkey homes that will give them years of easy, secure, enjoyable and comfortable living that will last a lifetime.

2.Quality without compromise

At Pro-Fab, we offer quality without compromise. Whatever style of home your heart may desire, townhouse, cottage, chalet, etc., not a single detail escapes our determination to make your space beautiful, functional and customized to your needs.

Because home is where you build it, choosing a builder  you can trust is essential, one who uses leading edge energy efficient products and materials, one with impeccable work ethics and construction methods plus, steadfast quality control from the factory to the worksite. In other words, at Pro-Fab, we build your home as if it were ours.

It is thanks to the hard work of our R&D team that Pro-Fab offers a quality of construction that surpasses the required standards. We are so confident in the quality of our construction that we unveil with pride the details of our wall section.

3.Great efficiency and fast delivery

At Pro-Fab, part of our success is our capacity to manage your home project with great effciency and precision. In order to do so, our team follows your budget and timeline very closely. Our tightly regulated processes protect you from any unexpected price jumps. Building our homes from inside one of our three plants allows us the build safely, efficiently and more rapidly, without having to face weather changes. From the time you put your signature on your purchase offer, we uphold our commitment to offer you fast delivery and the best service possible, from start to finish.

4.Personalized homes

As a part of our commitment to help you achieve the “perfect” home, we have an extensive variety of plans to select from. You can customize one of our many models or bring us your “dream plan” and we will work to make sure every detail is exactly what you expect.

At Pro-Fab our design team has the innovative experience to help you create a home that will stand above the rest.



5.A dedicated team of professionals at your service

From  the floorplan creation to the delivery of your new home, all of our efforts share a common theme: the passion of a dedicated team. Because buying a house is a big deal, building a close relationship with our customers is essential to us. Attentive care, quality services and personal assistance are the cornerstone of our commitment at Pro-Fab. That close relationship is made possible by offering clients many points of service all across Ontario, Quebec and the United States.

At Pro-Fab, our employees aim to please by giving you the best buying experience possible. Because we know that home… is where you build it!


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