Quality Assurance

berlin modualr home

Our craftsmen are some of the best in the business, we wouldn’t expect them to work with anything less than premium grade quality materials. Once you’re all settled in your home is no time to find out that your builder used sub-standard material. We assure you that your new Pro-Fab home has nothing but the best available construction products.


As a part of our commitment to help you achieve the “perfect” home, we have an extensive variety of plans to choose from. Customizing any of our plans is no problem. Our technical department has the innovative experience to help you create a home that will stand above the rest. At Pro-Fab we give you the design freedom to make your home as individual as you are. Our experienced technical department has designed our group of models with eye catching features such as: porches, turrets, arch top windows, unique window treatments and much more. All of these feathures are standard on each of our individual models that means what you see is what you get with no surprises or additional add on costs.

Timing is Everything

Our homes are constructed on a state-of-the-art production line by specialists using sophisticated mechanized equipment. This guarantees you that your new home will be delivered on time as promised. By producing in such large volume we are able to control our labor and manufacturing costs, therefore the savings are passed on to you the customer.

Energy Efficient

andover modular home

Constructing your new home in a controlled environment eliminates damages and construction delays caused by weather. We are able to construct our homes to much higher quality standards that can be attained using traditional on site construction methods. A Pro-Fab home is built with such features as: plywood construction, 2” x 6” exterior walls, 12 inches of ceiling insulation with an R-40 rating, 25 year shingles, low-E argon gas windows. Pro-Fab homes offer efficiency that translates into savings.