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Pro-Fab 25th year



At Pro-Fab homes, we have received a reputation for excellence in the industry. Over the years, we have earned several awards and distinctions that has set us apart from our competitors. We are always honored to receive such recognition as it is a direct reflection on our quality and customer service.

Awards and distinctions received over the years:

2006-2012 Consumers’ ChoiceTM award
2009 Winner – Prefabricated homes, $200,000 and over
2008 Winner – Prefabricated homes, over 200 units
2007 Winner – Prefabricated homes, average unit value over $120,000
2006 Winner – Prefabricated homes, Manufacturer of the Year (over 50 units)
2005 Finalist – Prefabricated homes, Manufacturer of the Year (over 50 units)
2004 Winner – Prefabricated homes, Outstanding Project (over 400 units)
2001 Finalist – Prefabricated homes, Provincial Manufacturer of the Year (over 40 units)
2001 Honorable Mention Desjardins
2000 Winner – Prefabricated homes, Manufacturer of the Year
1999 Finalist – Prefabricated home, Manufacturer of the Year Association de la construction du Québec


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