Provincetown Modular Home

At Pro-Fab our capes come with the second floor completed. Choose from our plans or design your own. Dormers are available in many different styles and sizes.

Fall River Modular Home

Our unique chalet models offer many amenities from prowl fronts, lofts to large glass windows. For vacations or year round living we have a plan to fit your lifestyle.

Waldo Modular Home

Traditional yet elegant, our large selection of two story homes are sure to please. Customize yours by adding a porch or turret. Open floor plans are no problem in any of our models.

Stamford Modular Home

A duplex house is a dwelling comprised of two units, usually side-by-side, but sometimes on two different floors. The former often looks like two houses put together, sharing a wall (compare semi-detached); the latter usually appears as a townhouse, but with two different entrances. Duplexes are especially common in the Northeastern United States and urban areas throughout the United States.

Springfield-A Modular Home

Our ranch homes offer unique designs, stylish exteriors and efficient use of space.

Gloucester Modular Home

First, your home is meticulously verified at every stage of production, using a comprehensive quality management approach.