Only the best materials

Striving for superior quality is just one of the ways that Pro-Fab targets total customer satisfaction. That's not surprising when you realize that half of our customers are buying their second or even third residence. Like them, we refuse to settle for second best when selecting our materials and suppliers. Every component that goes into our homes is carefully selected, then stored, handled, and used under ideal temperature and humidity conditions. To illustrate, Pro-Fab accepts only top-quality, kiln-dried lumber, which contains much less moisture than ordinary construction lumber. And what's more, we deal only with reputable suppliers with proven track records to help ensure that you get a product of consistent quality that defies the competition.

The Pro-Fab Insulation System:

Bostonian Modular Home

Pro-Fab owes much of our reputation for excellence to our framing and insulation system. It reduces heating and air-conditioning costs by nearly 25%, is suitable for any style of home, and increases resale value. Buyers looking for long-term value and comfort definitely appreciate these significant advantages. Our system keeps heat in during the winter and out during the summer. This state-of-the-art technology also eliminates thermal bridges, producing ideal, even heating throughout the home.

In addition, Pro-Fab uses fibreglass for wall and blown insulation on the ceiling. Pro-Fab accepts only top-quality materials that comply with R-2000 standards; nothing else is stricter in terms of insulation, weathertightness, and durability.